Casio CW-100 CW Utility Mac OSX Driver

So, apparently some time ago, Casio made a driver for their CW-100 of the Mac, but since then (or since Lion) has acted like they never made one. You can’t find the driver on their site, as it requires a PowerPC computer or an OS with Rosetta (10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard). So, after a lot of work, Gary was able to get someone at Casio to do some research and get a driver. For all of those out there suffering to find a driver that works for a Casio CW-100 or a TDK LPCW-100 (same product) and happened upon a Japanese driver that they’re barely able to work through, I ripped the disk image and have put it up here for all to have.

Your English Casio CW Utility driver!

Casio CW Utility (OS X) (1.3MB)


2 responses to “Casio CW-100 CW Utility Mac OSX Driver”

  1. Sorel says:

    Wow. Thanks. I have that original driver, but thought I would need to toss the printer when I upgrade to Mountain Lion. I guess I get to keep it!


  2. Sorel says:

    Actually – it didn’t install into Mountain Lion – say requires Power PC. I had the other Mac driver – I think I got it from England.

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